We are offering different camps around nature for single persons, families and also school classes.

Explore our variety of camps down below.

Nature Camp

In our NATURE CAMP you can choose from 4 different workshops per day. Relax in nature, take part in our mindfullness morning routine and enjoy the meals with ingredients from local farmers.

Next camp: 10. – 14. April 2023

Family Survival Camps

Family Survival Camps are the perfect place for you as a family to experience nature really close. Sleeping in your tent and activities for the whole family around the theme survival.

Bow Building Workshop

Experience some fascinating days around bow and arrow. In our Bow Building Workshop we will spend 2,5 days to build a huntable bow out of a piece of wood.

You want to organize a camp for a school class or a group of friends? Contact us and get your proposal! 

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