Our Academy about slowliving and self sustainability… COMING SOON!

Natural building and sustainability advice

Nature has a solution for everything!
Sustainable building with natural raw materials, taking into account the
cycle of recyclable materials, in a nutshell. Interesting facts about
building biology and building physics complete the offer. Have fun!

Survival and Bow Building

Learn to survive which was nature provides you. Primitive fire making methods, rope making, clay pottery, waterfiltration, survival shelter building, tracking and observation of wildlife as well as bow building and archery.

The wonderful world of herbs and plants!

Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Let your senses be inspired by the scent, taste and appearance of the seemingly endless flora.
In collaboration with our dear friends at NatureMaids, Wildpack brings you the secret knowledge of the herb and plant world.
Become your own wild plant expert.
Reconnect with nature by taking a relaxing walk through the Alentejo wilderness and indulge in delicious wild herbs.

Weaving and handcrafts

Learn about handweaving, tablet weaving and natural materials for fabrics.

More to come… stay tuned!