10. - 14. April 2023

Torrão - Alentejo - Portugal

The Nature Camp offers a place where guests can relax and recharge, to switch off from the often fast-paced everyday life. The offer extends over 5 days in the vastness of the Alentejo nature.

We offer workshops, themed walks and activities for body, mind and soul. Our courses offer the unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.
The wide range of activities allows you, depending on your needs, to dive into the depths of bushcraft, for example, or to experience the incredibly exciting world of natural life in everyday life through the themes of natural building, living and working. The world of weaving in various forms, colors and possibilities as well as the teachings of edible and healing plants, mushrooms and trees are taught in a stimulating and exciting way. 

If you are looking for adventure in and with nature, this is the place to be! 


From: Monday 10. April 2023, 15.00h –
To:      Friday 14. April 2023, 16.00h


Torrão – Alcácer do Sal – Setubal – Portugal


5 days, 10 workshops,
all meals included, so much fun

Typical Day

Morning starts with singing birds, fish jumping in the lake and a mindfulness session in our surrounding nature.

After breakfast some of our workshops are waiting for you.

Lunchtime with ingredients from our local farmers will end the mornings.

Afternoon will be packed with workshops and opurtunities to jump in the lake or just breath.

In the evening dinner, campfire, stargazing or a nightwalk will put you to a good sleep.

Keys of wilderness survival
In this workshop we learn the keys of wilderness survival. We learn about the 6 primary components of wilderness survival to help you thrive in any situation.

This great offer will draw everyone under the spell of herbalism and its possibilities. A herbal hike to native herbs with reference to edible or medicinally useful herbs will be discussed here.

Shelter Building
With a Bushcraft Shelter you build a shelter that protects you against rain, wind, cold and sun. We show you in our workshops how to build different shelters and what materials you need for it.

Basket Weaving
In this workshop we will use natural materials like leaves or roots which we collect onside to weave small baskets which can be used to transport things or store your gathered herbs.

Fire making methods
In this workshop we learn the essentials of fire making. How to make a save fire pit, how to make fire even when it is wet, how to make a fire which keeps you warm all night.

Dreamcatcher crafting
Good sleep is very important when sleeping in nature. We build with you a super beautiful dream catcher. With natural materials from the environment we show you how to get it done without prior knowledge.

Leather workshop
We will talk about the different usages of leather, as well as how to get leather from an animal. We will also produce small bags out of leather which you can carry around your belt.

We will show you places where fish can be found and techniques how to catch them and prepare them for cooking. How do I prepare my fishing rod? Which bait for which fish? How do I gut a fish professionally?

Tablet Weaving
Tablet weaving is a weaving technique where tablets or cards are used to create the shed through which the weft is passed. We will show you how to weave simple things like a belt or small fabrics.

Fastening a tarp, stretching a hammock, tying a firewood bundle. You always need knots for bushcraft and survival. So that your connections are bombproof, We show you here the best knots. You will learn step by step how to tie them yourself.

It is always a wonderful time in Torrao. The team is doing an awesome job so everyone comes home really relaxed and full of new impressions.
Mareille Paley


Those who would like, can stay overnight at the Bell Tent Camp and let the circads sing you to sleep. It is possible to stay overnight in your own van or tent

For the physical well-being is naturally also provided! We offer
 delicious and healthy meals every day. Most of the food comes from local farmers or from our own garden. The menu is based on the philosophy of alkaline whole foods and avoids processed foods and preservatives.

We have 3 showers as well as 3 dry-toilets in outdoor style optic.
We offer power suply for cellphones or other small technical devices.



Price per Children* (5-18y): € 345.-

Price per Sibling* (5-18y): € 280.-

*Sleeping in their own tent/van.

Renting a belltent for up to 5 persons: € 110.- p.p.
Group Discount (family of 4 or more): -20%


Price per adult*: € 450.-

Price for accompanying adult*: € 265.- (cannot take part in the workshops)

*Sleeping in their own tent/van.

Renting a belltent for up to 5 persons: € 110.-p.p.
Group Discount (family of 4 or more): -20%

Period of notice: until 2 weeks before the camp 80% refundable.
Note: we are of course happy to welcome children under 5 years of age, but we ask you to provide your own supervision and to understand that they will not be able to participate in all workshops. Please contact us if you have any special questions.

What is included?

“Come to the wild things,

come to the natural way of life,

come to the World of WILDPACK!