the World of WILDPACK

Wildpack is the synergy of two families with a lot of experience in natural and sustainable living.

Characterized by enthusiasm, fun and strength coming from very different directions, Equilibrio and DoPyooR have magically attracted each other to share these life experiences with you. Beloved friends complement the Wildpack community and harmoniously extend the benefits of a natural life.

Together, the Wildpack family offers exclusive workshops, interactive camps, consultations and events. Products from our own production or as a transfer of knowledge complete the offer.

Engaging with flora and fauna, working with natural building materials, learning and practicing various craft techniques and skills enrich our lives and bring body, mind and spirit into harmony.

Experience and learn how to make everyday and special handcrafted products. Be enchanted by our outdoor champions or take advantage of the versatile consulting program.

We accompany you, give tips and suggestions for the implementation of a self-determined and conscious life.

In slowlifemode to more quality of life and the simplicity of being!



The two natural labels have joined forces for workshops, Equilibrio  and DoPyooR naturally made products and natural knowledge.

Together Equilibrio and DoPyooR run for WILDPACK.

On the platform WILDPACK.PT you can book outdoor survival camp courses, clay building courses or you will find simple things for everyday life, you can ask nature knowledge and educate yourself in the field of natural living and you can browse through our joint product range.

Currently we are completing the platform and add the offer continuously, if you have any questions please  contact us!

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Come to the wild things, come to a natural way of life, come to the world of WILDPACK!