Family Survival Camps

Our Family Survival Camp is a place to experience nature and learn things about how to live in nature for the whole family. Getting dirty and working with our hands is obligatory and necessary ;-).

What to expect:

We will be outside the whole time. We will learn skills to live in nature and experience nature really close. What we will learn depends on the weather and the group. The language spoken is english.

Some of our activities: 

  • building a shelter
  • collecting and filtering of water
  • different methods to start a fire 
  • building traps (in our course no animals will be harmed,
    but we practice to set up small traps)
  • fishing
  • making cordage
  • awareness games
  • bow shooting 
  • clay potery
  • orientation games

What you need:

  • sleeping bag, sleeping mat
  • your own dishes (plate, cutlery, cup)
  • waterbottle
  • shoes and clothes for the outdoors (depending on the weather also for cold/rainy days).
  • sun protection (hat, suncream)
  • rain gear
  • tent
  • knife with fixed blade (you can buy one at the course (€ 25.-)
  • torch, lamp
  • swimming clothes
  • natural soap to shower, towel


We will cook in our outdoor-kitchen (food is included during the camp).
We have two compost-toilets and two showers.
Electricity is in the outdoorkitchen (to charge cellphones, etc.).

Food: We provide vegetarian food: breakfast (sat, sun), lunch (sat, sun) and dinner (fri, sat).

Fruits will be provided throughout the whole day.
We have a filtering system for drinking water, but bring a full bottle to start with.


March 2023 (exact date will be announced soon)

October 2023