With Dominik you can learn the craft of bow making and build your own longbow.

The foundation stone for bow making and outdoor life was laid for me in 2018. Out of interest and “compensation” I attended a wilderness week at the Survival School Tyrol with Thomas Patzleiner.
In the Tyrolean mountains I learned how to make a fire with a knife, a bit of string and wood, burn a drinking vessel, build a shelter for the night and much more. But rather I got to know a beneficial deceleration of my own life.
The interest and the “balance” became a passion and so several sections and courses followed until the training as a survival trainer was completed.

Here in Portugal we have created a space that allows me to share my knowledge and experience with others.
In 2-3 days you can build your own longbow worth about €200 and then shoot it.


Experience some fascinating days around bow and arrow. We will learn how to make a bow out of a piece of wood. We will use hickory or manau to build the bow.

The courses take place on our land in Torrao, Alcacer do Sal and is limited to 6 persons from the age of 12 years onwarts.

In our workshop we have all the equipment to build your longbow. You will sleep in your tent and we will provide you with food and beverage. We have two bathrooms with shower and dry-toilet. A lake in front of our door to swim, cool down relax, enjoy pure nature and observe the wildlife will make the weekend real special!

Building a bow and arrows from scratch is like meditation. You have to stay focused and work 3 days straight to turn a piece of wood into a beautiful bow. Your own handmade bow!.
Survival Trainer

What you will learn:
> step by step building of a bow out of a stave
> building a bow string
> building of arrows
> shooting with your handmade bow and arrows

What you need:
> tent, sleeping mat, sleepingbag, towel, soap, torch/headlamp, swimming gear

For whom is this workshop:
This course is for bow building novices (every age) and everyone who is interested in building his own bow. No preknowledge neccesary.

When & Where:
Contact me to arrange a workshop. contact@wildpack.pt

€ 190.- (age 12-18)  including material and food
€ 245.- (age 18+) including material and food

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